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If you are looking for a lasting solution to your physical and emotional distress, healix pathways is for YOU.

In This Video Masterclass You’ll Discover How To

  • Use a simple set of guidelines to build a healthy relationship with your body.
  • How 5 basic shifts of perspective will allow you to live a satisfying and active life again.
  • A new tool box for wellness without those boring workouts at the gym.
  • The one thing you can embrace in order to let go of all the old patterns in your life.
  • Ultimately, how you can find freedom from your frustration without the constant expense and threat of addiction to pain medications.

Emily Jo Wiadro

Integrative Yoga Therapist
Founder Healix Pathways

Emily has successfully worked with healix clients of all ages and challenges to gain newfound ease in their lives: physically, emotionally and mentally.

Emily provides everything needed to nurture and strengthen the body and psyche. Within 6 months of working with Emily, my breathing improved and I found relief from a decade of sinus problems.

~ Mimi Morrison

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